Let's build something great together...


My name is Peter and I have been selling own digital and physical products for over 5 years. 

I have sold over 500 e-books, 70 online courses and over 7 000 superfood blends Blendea.

Now, I want to help people to sell their own product.

E-book, online course, conference ticket, consultation, physical product. Your product, your brand. 

But I can not do it by myself. I need a team of at least 3-5 people who will take this journey with me. 

Chodelka Peter

Look. I have a simple product, money, great programmer and a lot of skills building profitable Internet projects.

Now, I need a good TEAM.

So I am looking for...

Full-Stack Developer / Technical All-in-One

You will take care of the technical part of the product and security. Yes, security is SUPER important for me.


Right now, the product looks horrible. Help me to create a product that users will love to use.

Marketer / Content Manager

You will take care of getting leads and increasing brand awareness of SellPress. 

Developer / Customer Support

Unfortunately, I can not do any Customer Support for our great customers. So who will be willing to? 

We will put together the first MVP and launch it on the 1st of October, 2018. 

ARE YOU IN? Or you just want to know more? 
E-mail me to peter@sellpress.com