SellPress is not alive. Yet. We just use it on our projects (you can see it for example here - the Order form). 

But we need help with launching of SellPress to the world.

We have a list of functions of SellPress, but no one who can visually put them together. 

We are looking for an experienced UX designer, who will work with us day-by-day. We are a remote team.

After we launch SellPress (October 2018), we can talk about your % share in the project if you go full-speed with us :) 

  • Remote position (office in Valencia, Spain)
  • Part-time / Full-time - from July, 2018
  • Salary + % in a project (if you stay with us)
  • check
    Creative, Independent, Proactive, User oriented

Who is our perfect candidate? 

  • UX designer who thinks about every element on the website/app - "how it will work and help the user?"
  • UX designer who likes clean, minimalistic / Material Design
  • UX designer who has experience with Interaction Design / Admin panels / Dashboards
  • UX designer who likes to move forward every day and go with the latest trends 
  • UX designer who is super independent, proactive and reliable
  • UX designer with the user in mind

Here are few examples of designs we like and we would like to create (not the same, just similar):

We need UX designer, who will create: 

  • the whole Dashboard of SellPress
  • various Templates for Checkout pages (this is something how we will differentiate)
  • how will functions work in SellPress
  • simple branding - colours, logo, icons

What can we offer to you?

  • flexible job in a remote team (Slovakia, Valencia, your destination)
  • good salary based on your skills
  • working on a totally new project (let's not call it start-up) and learning everything on the way!
  • working with the latest technology and trends in design
  • SHARES IN THE PROJECT - if you become fixed part of the team, we can offer you share in the project to motivate you stay with us till the end (EXIT in 5 years)

We need to launch SellPress in October, so please contact us only if you have enough time during the next few months. After the launch, we will evaluate the whole project and would prefer longterm cooperation. 

Sounds good? Wanna join our new team?

E-mail me to with your Portfolio and few sentences about yourself. I am interested! :) 


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